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Conférence plénière

REPLAY Retail & E-commerce 2022

Feb 7th
09:35 am CET - 09:50 am CET

[Opening Keynote] Back from NRF : Inflation disrupts customer relations

Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Feb 7th
09:50 am CET - 10:00 am CET

[SPECIAL GUEST] La Redoute, a history of transformations

For more than 180 years, La Redoute has been accompanying families, on a daily basis, in their moments of life, in their changes of life. Because of its mission in society "to beautify the lives of...
Philippe Berlan
La Redoute
Feb 7th
10:00 am CET - 10:15 am CET

Back from NRF with LVMH: the vision of a luxury player

Olivier Le Garlantezec
Digital Tech Partnerships Director
Arnaud Pelletier
IBM Consulting
Directeur de l'innovation, Associate Partner, Directeur d'IBM Studios Paris
Feb 7th
10:15 am CET - 10:25 am CET

Microsoft Cloud for Retail: For a resilient and offensive retail

In this period of economic contraction and reconstruction of our societies, more than ever, the companies that perform well in retail are those that express their uniqueness and perfectly execute...
Jean-François Gomez
Industry Advisor
Vincent Carré
GTM Industry Retail
Feb 7th
10:25 am CET - 10:40 am CET

Offer to conquer! How BUT boosted its customer acquisition with Joko and its access to bank data?

In the face of inflation and declining purchasing power, finding new ways to acquire customers becomes crucial for retailers. BUT has used the power of Joko technology, based on the analysis of bank...
Sonia Dahech
Directrice CRM, trafic et Data omnicanal
Miya Lamrani
Head of Account Management
Feb 7th
10:40 am CET - 10:50 am CET

How does Delupay reinvent payment?

More than 40% of shopping carts are abandoned at the time of payment: the act of purchase is the key moment in the customer journey that must be taken into account to ensure sustainable performance....
Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz
Feb 7th
11:30 am CET - 11:40 am CET

[SPECIAL GUEST] Reconciling marketing and sustainable performance: what levers to activate in a fashion sector undergoing profound change?

Concern for the customer, the importance of omnichannel, renewal of store formats and concepts, pricing, brand commitments... A complete review of the convictions and choices made by Eram to pursue...
Geoffroy Libaudière
Co-Directeur de Marque
Feb 7th
11:40 am CET - 11:55 am CET

E-logistics as a service: how did the Accor Group manage to optimize its costs?

Guaranteeing a 5-star customer experience is now fundamental for companies of all sizes, in a context of increasing digitalization of commerce in France and around the world. The delivery stage is...
Clémence Laudren
Directrice Partenariats ALL – Accor Live Limitless, Mobilité, Shopping, Entertainment & New Business
Matthieu Denime
Directeur commercial
Feb 7th
11:55 am CET - 12:10 pm CET

How has shopper data enabled Danone to meet its marketing challenges?

In 2022, the Danone group made a radical change of identity for Taillefine by launching Light & Free: new positioning, new image, new objectives. It was also a challenging year for the group, as...
Guillaume Mounier
Directeur Shopper Activation & Retail Media
Pauline Gougeon
Directrice Générale Catalina France
Feb 7th
12:10 pm CET - 12:20 pm CET

Customer engagement program at the heart of retailers' concerns

Michel Setera
Directeur Général et Commercial
Feb 7th
12:20 pm CET - 12:30 pm CET

Order Management System - the key to omnichannel retail

Building a high-performance eCommerce site or app that delivers a seamless experience is now within everyone's reach. But mastering the physical operational flows to deliver the omnichannel promises...
Xavier Mouly
Publicis Sapient
Senior Director Programme Management et Retail Industry Lead France
Feb 7th
12:30 pm CET - 12:40 pm CET

[SPECIAL GUEST] Retail & beauty: integrating the circular economy to change industry practices

Eco-designed stores, products available for refill... The Body Shop places the circular economy at the center of its business model. A virtuous circle that allows the brand to reduce its impact on...
Hugues Laurençon
The Body Shop
General Manager France & Benelux
Feb 7th
02:15 pm CET - 02:30 pm CET

[DECODING] Back from NRF: Give your customers what they deserve

Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Feb 7th
02:30 pm CET - 02:40 pm CET

[SPECIAL GUEST] IDKIDS: everything for the child under one digital roof

In 9 months, IDKIDS launched its new market-place in September 2021: How to bring together under one digital roof products, services and content that are both  - good for children,  -...
Emmanuel Benabou
Enseigne IDKIDS
Directeur Général
Barbara Haddad
Maitresse de Cérémonie
Feb 7th
02:40 pm CET - 02:55 pm CET

8 weeks to boost CRM campaign revenue with AI, the Conforama recipe for success.

How to demonstrate the business value of personalization? What business/IT governance is needed to make your AI project successful? Which tools to deploy AI quickly and at low cost? How to get your...
Mélodie Charles
Directrice Marketing
Léonard Cahon
Senior Consulting Manager
Feb 7th
02:55 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

How Wallbox leverages the Modern Data Stack to make data-driven decisions across departments 🇬🇧

Learn about the journey Wallbox, leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, has taken to implement its Modern Data Stack with Fivetran and Databricks. Learn about Wallbox's current MDS...
Alejo Buxeres
Head of Data
Adrian McGill
Customer Success Manager
Feb 7th
03:10 pm CET - 03:25 pm CET

How has CWF made e-commerce one of the most profitable sales channels in just a few years?

Discover how CWF, a leading group in premium and luxury children's fashion launched itself into digital in 2018 and succeeded in less than 4 years in launching a digital ecosystem driving the...
Benjamin Lorie
Head of Digital, Marketing & Communication
Romain Dehaudt
Emakina an EPAM company
Head of Business
Feb 7th
03:25 pm CET - 03:35 pm CET

How to make the right CRM decisions at scale?

Every day the CRM manager has to make choices. And every day, a multitude of combinations are offered to him. All decisions are good, but the ones that will make the difference are the ones that...
Bertrand Julia
VP Sales
Feb 7th
03:35 pm CET - 03:50 pm CET

How did Lyreco lead a global omnichannel experience project for sales growth and customer support?

Companies in the BtoB and BtoC retail sector need to move from multichannel to omnichannel management in a simple and efficient way to strengthen their sales and after-sales service. In this...
Vanessa Rousseaux
Responsable Service Client
Mathieu Ganczarczyk
Workforce Manager
Julien Fardet
Senior Account executive
Feb 7th
03:50 pm CET - 04:05 pm CET

Beaumanoir Group breaks down silos and improves collaboration between teams with a unified CRM tool

Beaumanoir makes data accessible, simple and transparent for the various businesses. Thanks to Zoho's CRM platform, the Beaumanoir Group is able to better manage its complex IT environment. It...
Erwan Foughali
Groupe Beaumanoir
Directeur projet big data & CRM
Thomas Ciezar
Zoho Corporation
France Marketing Country Manager
Feb 7th
04:05 pm CET - 04:20 pm CET

Impactful digital strategy: how Clarins takes advantage of SEO automation

Today, more than ever, brands need a competitive acquisition strategy that is less dependent on paid channels. In this context, Stéphanie Catarino, E-commerce Director at Clarins and Vincent Gonnot,...
Stéphanie Catarino
Groupe Clarins
Directrice E-Commerce, Acquisition & CRM France
Vincent Gonnot
Feb 7th
04:20 pm CET - 04:35 pm CET

How does Bureau Vallée convince its franchisees to strengthen their local digital investments?

Inflation, increased promotional offers, OuiPub regulations... in a particularly chaotic competitive context, distribution networks must find solutions to reduce their costs, adapt to new...
Adrien Peyroles
Bureau Vallée
Directeur Général
Jérémy Bréot
Directeur Général média
Feb 7th
04:35 pm CET - 04:50 pm CET

How Comptoir des Cotonniers and PRINCESSE Tam.Tam transformed their sales consultants into augmented salespeople ?

Recruit and retain customers. How can we do this? By relying on Bayretail, a clienteling solution. Available on mobile for the entire sales force, it enables customer management but also...
Serge Lengagne
Fast Retailing
Chief Information Officer Europe
Daniel Ittah
VP I Head Of Customer Success and Growth
Feb 7th
04:50 pm CET - 05:00 pm CET

Optimizing the content lifecycle: a strategic lever to boost sales

In this new era of digital acceleration, brands seeking to differentiate themselves must do more than simply provide a seamless digital experience. But having the right content, in the right place,...
Stéphanie Aliwell
Partner Manager
Feb 7th
05:00 pm CET - 05:10 pm CET

How to optimize your ROAS thanks to multilocal campaigns adapted to your network?

In a rapidly changing context, retailers must adapt their marketing strategy and find new ways to generate traffic at the point of sale. Find out how Widely by Mobsuccess supports : - Networked...
Roland Aouizerate
Widely by Mobsuccess
VP Business Partner
Feb 7th
05:10 pm CET - 05:25 pm CET

Ready for the new era? How relevancy, first-party data, and putting your customer first can boost performance in e-commerce

Join us for a fireside chat with Uber Head of Advertising France, Grégory Blay-Desforges, and Rokt Director of Strategic Partnerships, Steven Mohl, to discuss the three building blocks for...
Grégory Blay-Desforges
Head of Advertising France
Steven Mohl
Director of Strategic Partnerships Europe
Feb 7th
05:25 pm CET - 05:35 pm CET

[SPECIAL GUEST] How to conquer and expand your target audience by optimizing the shopping experience?

In 2022, more than 190 million tickets were sold on the SNCF Connect application, the equivalent of 6.5 French stadiums filled every day. To meet the diversity of users, the customer experience is a...
Julia Etaix
SNCF Connect & Tech
Directrice Commerciale