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Wednesday, February 8th


Feb 8th
02:15 pm CET - 02:35 pm CET

[Opening Keynote] Back from NRF : Tendances & Innovations

Feb 8th
02:35 pm CET - 02:50 pm CET

Data-driven commerce: what keys for 2023?

Feb 8th
02:50 pm CET - 03:05 pm CET

How to set up a relevant methodology for using data & AI?

Providing relevant and credible analytics to teams is one of the keys to getting their continued engagement in the use of data and AI. Dr. Fanjuan SHI will illustrate his experience on how to minimize analytical bias in measuring data and AI use cases while keeping the test reliable and cost-effective in the complex real world. This illustration will be based on a recent use case implementation to make his recommendations relevant to your daily measurement challenges.
Fanjuan Shi
Group Head of Data Strategy and Value Office
Membre du HUB Institute
Feb 8th
03:05 pm CET - 03:20 pm CET

How to use data as a sales forecast?

Feb 8th
03:20 pm CET - 03:35 pm CET

Data as a prevention tool for responsible gaming

Horse betting was one of the first activities to focus on data. Beyond betting, data is now an expertise that irrigates the entire technological and committed company that PMU has become. At the heart of its raison d'être, responsible gambling is supported at PMU by an entire ecosystem. In this context, the data team has developed "Betsafe", a totally innovative algorithmic model for detecting potentially problematic gambling behavior in order to better support its customers.
Fiona Ongaro
Chief Data Officer
Feb 8th
03:35 pm CET - 03:50 pm CET

Data Privacy: what new challenges for 2023?

Feb 8th
03:50 pm CET - 04:05 pm CET

Data & AI: Ethics and Humanity at the heart of tomorrow's challenges at La Banque Postale!

La Banque Postale has set up an organization that places data at the heart of its strategic plan based on the 3Cs (Customer, Employee, Citizen) by capitalizing on the 3D levers (Diversification, Digitalization, Differentiation). Data is an essential asset for companies and its exploitation allows the deployment of artificial intelligence models in many areas (marketing, risk, customer experience) which raise more and more questions in terms of ethics (explicability, transparency, fight against the bias of algorithms) in the light of the European regulation project to frame their uses. The development of these new Big Data technologies also creates major challenges in terms of human acculturation, change management and training to take full advantage of them.
Clémence Panet-Amaro
La Banque Postale
Head of Data Analytics
Chief Data Scientist
Feb 8th
04:05 pm CET - 04:20 pm CET

Internalize your tech & IT talents to boost your sales

Feb 8th
04:20 pm CET - 04:35 pm CET

3D modeling & digital twin, what new challenges for 2023?

Feb 8th
04:35 pm CET - 04:50 pm CET

How to integrate blockchain into your data strategy?

Feb 8th
04:50 pm CET - 05:05 pm CET

Cybersecurity & payment: how to reassure your customers

Feb 8th
05:05 pm CET - 05:20 pm CET

3D printing: the retail design revolution

Feb 8th
05:20 pm CET - 05:25 pm CET


Feb 8th
05:30 pm CET - 06:30 pm CET


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Yamna Rokia
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