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REPLAY Retail & E-commerce 2023

Feb 8th
09:35 am CET - 09:55 am CET

[OPENING KEYNOTE] Back from CES & NRF: 5 supply chain trends to watch in 2023

Claire Plassart
HUB Institute
Senior Insights Analyst
Feb 8th
09:55 am CET - 10:10 am CET

How to get a single view of demand, inventory and supply to deliver on customer promises?

Talking about omnichannel is good, giving yourself the means to really be omnichannel is better! The unified buying experience brings real complexity to the supply chain. Learn how HSO enabled a...
Thomas Julié
Business Applications Technology Specialist
Johann Courtin
Enterprise Architect
Feb 8th
10:10 am CET - 10:25 am CET

How the supply chain is transforming the customer experience

Agathe Gravier-Vanhersecke
Arvato SCS France
Directrice de la Business unit Consumer Product
Emeric Crepin
Arvato SCS France
Managing Director France
Feb 8th
10:25 am CET - 10:40 am CET

Monitoring customer orders: how Saint Maclou meets the challenge

Stéphane Lefebvre
Saint Maclou
Directeur Supply Chain
Feb 8th
11:30 am CET - 11:45 am CET

The Fnac Darty Supply Chain faces the new challenges of omnichannel retail

The successive crises of the last few years, combined with changes in consumer habits, have forced Supply Chains to conduct a real introspection. Find out how...
Gregory Chekroun
Fnac Darty
Director of Operations, Logistics Transport & Flow
Feb 8th
11:45 am CET - 12:10 pm CET

Petit Bateau : The supply Counter-Attack !

Petit bateau is the story of a century-old company that decided not to sell what it produced but to reproduce what it sold best. In a dangerous and unbreathable context, we counterattacked! Through...
Sylvain Cheret
Petit Bateau
Directeur Supply Chain
Feb 8th
12:00 pm CET - 12:15 pm CET

How to make life easier for families? The KIABI Supply Chain answers

How does KIABI's Supply Chain make life easier for families? With a transformation that started 3 years ago, Kiabi is constantly reinventing itself to meet the demands of its customers. Discover how...
Marine Pomart
Chief Supply Chain Officer